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FC 1105 5 axis milling / turning center

3, 4 or 5 axes, the FC 1105 is a multi-capacity vertical milling and turning center with a rotating dividing head it can performs high-precision milling turning surfacing operations on simple or complex parts in one single clamping
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FC 1105 5 axis
milling / turning center

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Increased capacity
Working on 3, 4 or 5 axes, the FC 1105 is a multi-capacity vertical milling and turning center. Equipped with a rotating dividing head and a slideway to take up to six cutters, it can effect high-precision milling/turning/surfacing operations on simple or complex parts in one single clamping. Turning operations are effected at a constant cutting speed.

Almac FC 1105 5 axis milling / turning center

An optional loading/unloading module can be integrated into the FC 1105, providing it with complete autonomy and independence, the whole being piloted and monitored by the CNC control. Capable of working continuously (3 x 8), the FC 1105 is synonymous with excellent profitability.

Diversified productivity
The FC 1105 guarantees the machining of high-precision parts coupled with high productivity in hi-tech manufacturing sectors, such as watchmaking, jewellery, medical equipment, connector technology, electronics, microengineering, etc.

The FC 1105 offers complete made-to-measure functionality and adaptability: independent electrical cabinet, numerical control on an articulated arm - mounted left or right on the machine, lateral accessibility, a two-handed moveable starting-switch panel, interior lighting

The FC 1105 also boasts extreme flexibility. Its basic configuration, including a GE-FANUC numerical control, is equipped to accept supplementary modules and equipment: rigid tapping, tool-break detection, preheating. Their choice depends on the type of machining to be carried out and the requirements to be met. This evolutive potential opens the door to long-term exploitation.

Easy programming
Placed either on the left or right of the FC 1105, the GE-FANUC CNC control panel is mounted on an articulated arm that extends to the robot. As the machine's nerve centre, it controls both the machining program itself as well as the workpiece loading unit. Thanks to its manoeuvrability, the control is always to hand while leaving free access to the front of the machine.

Technical data
Strokes X / Y / Z 300 / 300 / 250 mm
Dividing head CNC tilting B-axis ±120°
CNC indexing C-axis 360°
Feed rates working feed X / Y / Z 0 to 5000 mm/min
rapid motion 12 m/min
resolution 0,001mm
B-axis 20 min-'
C-axis 33 min-'
Rotating dividing head C-axis rotation speed max 10 000 min-'
resolution 0,001°
bar feed Ø 18 mm
torque motor
cutting speed constant
Lathe tools on slideway with T-slots max. 6
Drive systems motors AC type
closed-loop control digital
Ø ball screw 25 x 4 mm
Table fixed 500 x 220 mm
5 T -slots 10H7
Electro spindle speed 100 to 30 000 min-'
power 2,0 kW
tool holder taper ISO 25/HSK32-A
tool holder taper (optional) HSK40-E
clamping diameter 1 to 16 mm
Tool changer capacity (random) 24 ISO 25/HSK 32-A/HSK 40-E
tool change 1,2 s
chip-to-chip average < 6 s
Tolerances axes X / Y / Z
VDI / DGQ 3441 positional uncertainty P 0,006 mm
positional deviation PA 0,003 mm
average reversal deviation PUM 0,001 mm
average dispersion deviation PSM 0,002 mm
Lubrication capacity 100 l
flow rate 40 l/min
filtration 35 µm
Mist application UNILUBE 2 nozzles, 6 bars max.
Temperature control power 1300 W for ∆t 3° C
Numerical control GE-FANUC
Connections installed power 10 kVA
voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
pneumatic pressure 6 bar
Weight 1700 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 2100 x 1550 x 2170 mm

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Greub Machines SA
39, Bd des Eplatures
2304 La Chaux-de-Fonds
tel +41 (0)32 925-9540
fax +41 (0)32 925-9545
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